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Archive for August, 2011

Look For Me On NBC Channel 7 News Tomorrow Afternoon.

I got interviewed about my book and talked about e-books and computers.

Fun Last Saturday

Kid Climbed In The Basket, Sculpture @ San
Diego Harbor, Reminiscence Soul Singers @ VVSD Talent Show


On His 9th Life

Our Cat is old and sick. Losing weight. Won’t eat or drink. Yowls in pain. Probably need to put him to sleep today.  Sad. 

Dreamed That I Was At A Party

It was some sort of potluck meditation with Carol.  I went into the room and everybody was sitting down on the floor eating.  I had to go to the bathroom so I went out.  I tried to get back in but the door was locked when I jiggled the handle.  I heard them meditating and I screamed in my dream, “G-d I hate meditation!”  Then the door opened and it seemed like all of the food was gone.  Very little left.  I was mad.  I found Carol sitting on the floor starting to eat and she found the food for me.  So I was relieved and started to enjoy it.  The dream ended. Had another one I forgot before that. 

I Will Publish A Book About Things Too Shocking To Be Read On The Internet!

It will be about stuff that is tough for me to say but my unconscious is driving me to say it.

You must pay a little to read it as it will be available in no other form, and you must be a supportive friend in order to read it.  Essentially, it will be a private novel so that I cannot lose my employability or be romantically abandoned. Nuff said.

Dreamed That I Am In A Meeting With My Former Boss

Then the scene changes and I go in this bathtub with a beautiful  blonde woman.

•: Social Media Propaganda Posters


The Freedom To Write No Matter What Anyone Else Thinks

To write dangerously without thinking about the consequences used to be what I could do in my journal.  But not when you write online.  Online others may read what you write.  So you must tiptoe around subjects.  For the sake of your family. For the sake of your work. For the sake of your friends.  You must anonomyze some of your family unfriendly politically incorrect feelings and water them down for the web.  Should I continue to do so?  Or write with reckless abandon, for this wildness is what attracted me to write in the first place.  Not just to be socially acceptable or liked by others by espousing a popular opinion.  But to truly be none other than myself.  Social media experts be damned!  From now on , this is what I choose!

Ants crawled in my freezer!

They have gotten smarter this summer and found out where the food is but they froze to death. I feel invaded! They also crawled into the fridge too. My food is not safe!

Solar Bikinis for iPhones, iPods, etc? Apparently, Yes | CleanTechnica


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