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Archive for July, 2011

Delta Airlines Has Flies

Flew Delta Airlines last week  for mopix business to Sacramento.  Very weird flight.  I was about an hour early and they kept calling my name like they were going to take off soon withrrout me while I was going through security. That stressed me out.  Not to mention the baby that cried all the way there.
What a hassle!

On the way back, I noticed a fly on board the aircraft near the food containers. I told the flight attendant, named Kristen about it and she said she couldn’t do anything about it, even when we landed and she could have shoed it out the open door. She said we get them in here all time. It was a short flight from LA back home to San Diego so I figured I would just deal with it.  I asked Kristen if it was a 20 minute flight and she sarcastically said “Yeah, can you handle it?”  I told her not with that fly on board the airplane.  She was more interested in gossiping about her husband to another female passenger than chasing away a potentially disease ridden fly that could contaminate our food.  We had to get off the plane even though we were flying on to San Diego, take our luggage with and get back on right away.  And that baby cried both ways on the whole round trip flight.  Next time, if you have a choice, don’t fly with the flies  and Kristen on Delta.



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Snow in San Diego and The Chocolate Door

Dreamed that it was snowing here in San Diego and a friend of mine was sleeping in her car. Then, I had a chocolate door that I shared with the neighbor next door.  This dream was very surreal.

World Famous Torrey Pines Glider Port



Not “Naked Skydiving” but still cool


Dreamed that I was reading a newspaper about Harry Potter

Dreamed that I was reading a newspaper about Harry Potter at a school and then Harry Potter appeared and wanted to  hold it and read it.  Then I woke up.

Dreamed About Being In An Australian Karaoke Contest

Dreamed About Being In An Australian Karaoke Contest.  So I’m over in some bar, and this pretty Aussie red headed girl starts smiling at me cause water is rare here now and she wants by beer or water. so we laugh, I give her a sip and she starts laughing and kissing me.  Then I was woken up. up

Go See the Movie, “Horrible Bosses!”

Extremely Funny!

4th of July fireworks coming up tonight over San Diego bay!

Cool Summer Fun!image

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