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I was taken hostage by a few Mafia guys andt forced at gunpoint to rob banks with them.  Then the situation changed and I am at Queen Bee’s nightclub and Beck the singer walks in.  I tell him I’m in real estate and I  do web design but I really like to write.  He says, Oh, you’re that real estate guy.  Why not just write then? I asked him how he got his start?  He said he just wrote.  He tells me that’s what I should do too.  I tell him I would like to, but I don’t have any money to do that.  He says he didn’t either.  I have trouble believing him cause he’s so rich and famous now. The dream ends. Can I learn something from this?  Maybe I should only write and not do web design or real estate.  Maybe these are robbing me of my energy. Then again, Beck is a musician too so he does more than 1 thing so why can’t I? Besides, I like pictures and videos too so why shouldn’t I? I guess this dream just tests my resolve.

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