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Archive for May, 2014

Naked Skydiving At The La Jolla Israeli Festival Today!

Blue Hair Naked Skydiving2

If you see me around San Diego, ask me to sign your copy of my original comedy novel, “Naked Skydiving!”  Get your copy for only $18.95 Cash, Credit Cards, and checks accepted or get the ebook on iuniverse.com. Get a $1.00 off the paperback when you mention you saw it here 1st on YOUtopiamedia.com!

Facebook Dream

In the first dream, I dropped my tablet pc and I felt really bad.  Then I dreamed that they were hiring people at Facebook In Palo Alto or here in San Diego and I went in to be interviewed. During the interview, they announced the contest or a raffle that you can enter for a dollar. I said not to be immodest or anything, but I’d like to get two tickets please.  They said sure!  Then the dream ended.

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