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Archive for February, 2014

Had another great dream of fame last night.
I was writing something for a small outfit like I am now for easterncountymagazine .org.  In the dream,I was supposed to write a movie, kind of comedy, I wanted to be paid more,  but the boss wanted me to have  a meeting with my coworkers first. All the sudden, I had to go meet them and I was on talk shows at night, surprisingly, with Jerry Seinfield and Kramer.  I felt so excited to be working with them and then the dream ended.  So cool!  I practice dream incubation every night and its helping me to reach my goals. You can do it too!

Dreamed I Got Hired By NBC

I dreamed last night that I met Tom Brokaw or Brian Williams and he welcomed me to the team.  It was great and he gave me my press pass that was good for gyms, and attractions around the world.  I felt so happy to be hired cause I applied and really want the job in real life



She accidentally dropped the glass dinner dish on the floor.  It didn’t break.  On Valentine’s Day, I noticed a small heart shaped water stain in the dish, a symbol of our unbreakable lglassheartove.vday chocolate


Lou Reed Reincarnated As a Leopard


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