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Cellphone Mania

They say that cellphones can cause brain cancer.  After they’ve brainwashed us with ads that pretend to give us smartphone nirvana, and do just about anything you want, now they tell us it might kill us!  Are cellphones some kind of ungodly plan that deceptively makes life too easy till it is cut short?  So much hype about which cellphone is new and better than others.  I’ve had a blackberry and a droid.  The droid does more but has higher radiation.  Both of them crash frequently.  So why put something on the market with these problems and that might even be fatal but do some really cool things like write posts like  this?   Besides, I’m waiting for the Evo 4G 3D phone that doesn’t need glasses coming out in a few weeks.

At Least Obama Finally Went to See the Tornado Victims…

Better late than never and he even pledged some federal funds to them but probably not enough.  Hope insured folks are being treated fairly in this crises but I kinda doubt it.

Dreamed Of Florida

First,  I was outside the office of my old  job, trying to get hired again, but Larry,my ex boss wouldn’t pay attention to me this time so I brought a copy of my book to sell and an old female friend of mine hugged me and bought it for an impression in wax.  I said I guess that’s Okay and sold it to her.  The next thing I know, I am in Orlando, Florida and there are all of these aquamarine aquatic tourist scenes.  Beautiful blue water and mall shops all around.  I walk around and then I meet this S & M male and female couple who are hanging from the rafters of their house and torturing each other.  I see that and know what it means.  Since I feel tortured in my social life sometimes.  Then I move on and see this Beatles tribute band perform.  Either that or they are part of a wax museum.  I get in a car, driving around, feeling lost and I notice Carol sitting on a bus bench.  I don’t want her to see me in this old Corvair car cause she’ll think I stole it.  I feel embarrassed
and so I wake up.

Found Porky

On my condo courtyard  today. What’s up with that? Is he here for Comic-Con?


Another Proud Pelican

Of Point Loma



In Point Loma


The Patriot Act Was Reaffirmed-Is Obama Big Brotha Now?

After a recent debate in congress, the Patriot Act was reaffirmed for another 4 years.  What is different about the way Obama enforces it than the way Bush did? Either way, they both have the right to tap grandma’s phone and read your email so 1984 is finally here.  The weird thing is that Obama had a machine that signed it while he is in Europe with his “actual” signature.  Granted, he got Osama.
We won’t know what really happened.  There was no trial.  But while we strive to protect our way of life are we sabatoging  it with our fear?
Is Obama big brotha? Why doesn’t  he do something to help our people in these terrible tornadoes instead of going off to Europe?

Dreamed that my book, “Naked Skydiving” got made into a movie!

Dreamed that my book, “Naked Skydiving” got made into a movie by a company  I hired just like the book was self published.

It was thrilling to sign books there and be at my premiere.  The best part was to see lines from the book acted out on the screen and have a critic  praise it and say how interesting and wonderful it is.I felt thrilled just to see it all happen and be there.  So Exciting!


Pray for the Tornado & Volcano Victims

Is this the start of  rapture, global climate change  or just business as usual for this time of year?

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