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Archive for February, 2012

Blackberry Hackathon Yesterday

Worked real hard to try and come up with a blackberry app  yesterday.  I was on a team and we came up with a progressive dream alarm clock that wakes you to remember your dreams.

This promotes lucid dreaming. For our trouble,  we were given 3 good meals and a blackberry playbook.  Will blackberry come back to win against android and Apple?


Only time will tell.



Saw “Ghostrider”Saturday Night


Fun outrageous iconic popcorn movie where logic takes a backseat.

Why It’s Tough To Get A Job In America

Partly because of the internet, where employers and job candidates have too many choices, it’s tough to get hired or find the right employee these days.  There are plenty of internet scams, and some jobs don’t even list an  address or phone number, even on their website.  Job candidates are now competing against people from all over the world for the same good job.  One local job  I applied for, on CareerBuilder.com told me that most candidates were 763 miles away. 

You would think that the internet would help candidates learn new skills, so they would be more prepared.  In theory, it does.  But employers still prefer years of experience instead of googling or training classes. 

You could just go the route of the rookie if you don’t have experience,  but then they can’t tell you they want someone younger, even if that’s true, so that makes it tough again.

It would be helpful if employers didn’t list everything
under the sun as a job requirement and then surprise you by expecting you to know something that was not on the list or just hinted at. If we don’t know a subject but we at least googled it, shouldn’t we get some credit
for at least trying if we admit it?  What do you think?

Hot Car Art In Laguna Beach

imageSaw a great VW bug all decked out with a life size outer space alien in the seat in Laguna Beach recently.  Real money was scattered on the dashboard and it was all blacklit. At night, you couldn’t see much in the original cellphone picture I took.  But thanks to my knowledge of photoshop mobile express, I was able to at least restore it to the feeling of what the vehicle parked on the street  actually looked like. If you get a chance in August, go to Laguna Beach’s Pageant Of The Masters and take in the town’s vibrant art scene.

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