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Archive for September, 2021

Dreamed That A Family Member Carjacked Me Twice For $100

I dreamed that Cary or someone else in my family told me they had a job for me. So I went to their employment agency and the lady who had the job said I had to pay $100 to get the job. So I told my family about this and Cary or somebody else in the family loaned me a hundred dollars and a Jaguar or other fancy car to get to work. I got to work and gave them the hundred dollars and they hired me. Then I was at a gas station in the car, getting gas, probably after work and somebody else, a car jacker, got on the car and asked me for a hundred dollars. At first, he asks nicely. Then, he seizes on the open hood of the car and won’t let go of the hood, till I pay him. But I explained to him that this is not my car cause I just started a job, so he lets me go. I found out at home, he was a part of my family. When I’m at home, Cary or somebody else in the family loans me a Rolls Royce to get to work this time. And again at that same gas station, that guy appears friendly at first, but then he seizes on the open hood of the vehicle again and won’t let go till I pay him $100. I’m not sure, but I think I said the same thing as before, but somehow I got home again and realized the carjacker was a family member so I asked the family who the carjacker was. They kind of laughed knowingly but wouldn’t tell who he was so I didn’t find out . Then, I woke up.

Dreamed I Drove To Freedom, CA

I was only supposed to go to Pacific Beach but somehow I ended up in Freedom, CA near Santa Cruz, CA. I needed  to charge up my car so I looked around and didn’t know where the chargers were so  I thought I accidentally passed a sign with one. I went back to it and it said change instead of charger. Carol thought I could just plug into the wall anywhere  and told me to keep on going but I couldn’t.  I could only do that if people let me. Then I woke up.

I had another dream  that Orangena the cat was in a plastic bag and she was resting in there until I saw a bug that I thought she might eat. I put the bug near her, and sure enough, she came out of the bag to eat the bug, which was a small white looking spider or scorpion. Then, I saw inside her mouth an ancient cave dating back to big cats she was related to, like lions and tigers. Then there was an audience clapping, like from the Colbert show or another show and I woke up again to start my day, pondering about this dream.

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