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Should A Digital Artist Specialize Or Be A Jack Of All Trades?


After completing several certificates in the Adobe Creative Cloud recently, a friend of mine told me in order to make a living, I needed to specialize since I enjoy writing, graphics, singing and making videos. Which do I like best? I have trouble deciding.   After growing up in LA, where the path to stardom was work for free, get coffee, learn how to do every task in the business as a jack of all trades, this is a new thought for me.  I started out as a writer, then a screenwriter, so my choice was clear at the time.  I wanted to deal just with the story and the human side of filmmaking not technology.

I decided that’s what I enjoyed most.   I wrote several screenplays, got an agent, and hoped for the best.  Yet it wasn’t enough.  I had to get the work out to a star or a studio, even though I had an agent.  Only then, would the agent would take notice and promote me.  And even if I did that, there was no guarantee that my material wouldn’t be lifted without credit or pay by a major studio in the process.  

Since I majored in it, I always enjoyed play writing so maybe the best thing was to produce my screenplays on stage.  I did that and started to get some recognition in the press.  But my cast quit on me to do high paying commercials.  So that got old.  Years later, as technology evolved, I realized that I can make my own videos for YouTube or other websites, and with AfterEffects and Premiere, I can even edit them myself.  So  I have been trained to use the Creative Cloud to do a little of everything digital.  

All I have to do is find parts of my scripts with emotional impact  that are affordable to record, get some actors that would work low budget or a star if I’m lucky, edit with Premiere and release it as a trailer myself on the internet or get distribution.  I could even do the titles with InDesign and use Audition to edit the soundtrack that I sang.  I can do all this with technology and even raise money for the rest of the production on IndyGoGo.  I can do all of this thanks to technology.   Yet none of it guarantees a paycheck.

So off I go submitting resumes, to get that “guaranteed” paycheck.  I found I had to write my resume targeted to each company, using the specialization they require, even though some of the skills they want may be  fairly new to me, so I have to do a lot quick research on any unknown parts in order to deal with the prospective interview.  But it’s hard to sound knowledgeable about something you just learned about on the internet, so I do practice a lot.  Essentially though, I think creative entrepreneurship requires the jack of all trades attitude and a job usually requires a specialization that I have mastered.  whichever dominates my focus and my budget is the one to pursue.  It’s funny though, people used to do a little bit of everything and machines specialized.

Since the invention of the computer, it seems that computers are the jacks of all trades and humans must specialize on the job.  What do you think?



Dreamed That BlackBerry Became An Aircraft Company

Dreamed that they showed one of their new BlackBerry jets in a  commercial performing a test flight.  It was black with the BlackBerry symbol on it  and it looked pretty sleek as it took off for the sky, guided by the voice of mission control.  Then it performed stunts, rolling sideways, upside down and even simulating a crash and burn scenario.  Then the neighbor’s dog barked and woke me up.

In reality, as many people know, BlackBerry now, according to the Wall Street Journal and other news sources, unfortunately has income performance so poor, that the once mighty, global tech company, and original smartphone maker, is laying off alot of people, and may be sold off, or broken apart, since it really did crash and burn,  not in a simulation.

BlackBerry Jet BlackBerry 2It’s also odd, since I have a BlackBerry Playbook, which I got free by working on a progressive dream alarm clock app in a local BlackBerry hackathon,  and it died, when I called customer service recently, they acted in denial of this bad news.  They even said new devices are coming out all the time and they knew nothing about the companies troubles.  It’s true, they did release a new phone just the other day, but with the negative headlines the company is making, what is the future of a device like this no matter how great it could be?  I like my BlackBerry Playbook alot, but one fault the company has is it continually expects users to download supposedly updated software,
treating users like programmers. Recently, another request for downloading a software update appeared on my Playbook.  I downloaded every other software upgrade for it before, even though the downloads do nothing or very little for it’s performance.  Before blindly obeying this time, I read some CrackBerry reviews of the update.  Most people thought their Playbook was faster after the update, but one person said it erased all of their data, so I thought to myself, why not back up my data first on my laptop and then download the update? That way, I’ll have the increase in speed and retain my data.  Here was the problem: the battery was dying and I had to charge it up before I could backup my data.  But all of a sudden, the plug I was using no longer fit, so I couldn’t charge it up anymore and it just died.  I told customer service about this, and they told me to hook up my Playbook to my computer or send it in to them for repairs, which would be the second time I did that in two years. So since I’ve recently closed a million dollar  real estate deal, and can buy a new tablet, I think I won’t send it back.  Why spend more time on an operating system that doesn’t have much of a future?  But who knows? Maybe in the future, possibly partly because of this article, BlackBerry will become an aircraft or even an aerospace company.  Maybe that will become their final software update.


APM Illustrator PSASome designers think that Illustrator is the toughest program in the CC, but it definitely has it’s applications for doing fine precise illustrations.  Learning the pen tool is a critical part of knowing Illustrator.

Illustrator is also great for medical or mechanical drawing, architecture, or anywhere else you need precision.  Here, I have used it to create a PSA for American Public Media, inviting people to use their freedom of expression to tell their story.

Having A Walk On Part With Kittens On The Colbert Report


ArtsySmart Watchbands For New Samsung Smartwatch Now available!


ArtsySmart Watchbands For New Samsung Smartwatch Now available!

Wearable technology is here! Samsung just released it’s smartwatch in Berlin today and other major tech companies like Apple and Google will release theirs too.
The reaction from the public has been that these devices are ugly and not aesthetically pleasing. However, this is why Tenesee’s ArtsySmart original Watchbands were invented. To turn the new Smartwatchband into wearable original works of Art.
Each ArtsySmart Watchband is made from an actual painting by San Diego artist, Tenesee. If you don’t see one you like, we will customize one just for you to match your favorite colors and shapes. We’ll also attach the smartwatch of your choice to it at no extra charge. Get your patented ArtsySmart Watchband today for only $30.00 by emailing us at youtopiamedia@gmail.com

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