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Holiday Art Auction To Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Reading Cinema Clairmont Square Review

The other night, we went out to see the movie, “Hitchcock.” We got to the theater late and so we thought we would see the rest when it restarted. After the movie, as usual,a cleaning crew came in to pickup the trash. I wondered how long we would have to sit until the next showing started. So I asked a member of the cleaning crew named Savannah, what time the next showing was. Appearantly she was the manager of the cleaning crew and she told us that even though we had not seen the entire picture, we couldn’t stay to see the beginning because she believed it was like seeing 2 movies, even though it was the same film. She kicked us out and laughed at us with her coworkers as we left in disgust. I felt outraged and I am now writing to the Reading Cinema website about this. Hitchcock was a pretty good movie for film history fans, but what do you think about what Savannah did?


“Apocalypse Not!”

spectrum dream

Welcome back from the Mayan scam. After that Harold Camping fiasco last year, I’m cynical about end of the world predictions. “Wired” magazine takes credit for this headline. They knew that December 21st was not the end and wrote an article with that title explaining why. Very fascinating. Yet global climate change is still with us. Random disasters like hurricane Sandy and extreme weather seasons may become the norm. There’s dangerous methane in the ice melting at the North Pole. Wackos are shooting people everywhere. And who knows what the Hadron Collider and mobile devices will do to us in the long run? But the world still has good in it. People are living longer. Most media is free to obtain or create. I now work for a solar energy company. Obama was reelected even though the fiscal cliff still looms.

Next thing “Wired” magazine tells us is that robots will be coming into our lives. They’ll be taking over our jobs and we’ll be glad they did. Even if our jobs are fun like musician or web designer, because we’ll invent new jobs that and we’ll continually turn these over to robots and keep inventing better jobs and evolving. Wired was right about the Mayan apocalypse and may be right about robots but with all the new mobile technology these days, shouldn’t they call themselves “Wireless” and not “Wired”? I also wonder why they are still available as a paper magazine and not just in e form. Hmmm. I’ll just have to be satisfied with this rainbow reminding me from Noah’s Ark that God will never destroy the earth again.

Welcome To Computer Bears

Welcome To Computer Bears.

Happy Holidays From YOUtopiamedia.com To All Our Readers!

IMG_00000167YOUtopiamedia.com is undergoing several changes and will be bigger and better than ever, now that I have completed all of my certifications in Interactive Media and have the Adobe CS6 Creative Cloud at my fingertips as well as a smokin’ gently used 64 bit PC courtesy of ComputerBears.wordpress.com for editing video and every other use under the sun! This web page will continue to promote my autobiographical novel and feature creative life in San Diego. I am considering using it as a creative hybrid site, mostly for my writing while starting one just for government corporate web design clients to demonstrate what I can do in that arena, since I am seeking a new web design position now with a large organization. It’s nice to know that I have a bit of a following for what I write, even though it has yet to be a financial windfall. I will also be developing a Facebook page for this site and the corporate one. I will put some cool projects on here that I did in my classes soon and hopefully you will all continue to enjoy them, at least until the world ends on Dec 21, according to the Mayan Calendar scam.

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