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Archive for August, 2012

Dreamed About Photoshop

I dreamed I was at home and I tried to use this photoshop effect on one of my pictures I was editing and it blinded me. I was so scared
I prayed and prayed over and over to God. Please don’t let me go blind, please don’t let me go blind. And finally after my prayers, I realized it was just a dream and I was so thankful to God that I could see again and I woke up thinking that I should always pray every day.
And always put God above technology. It also made me feel that maybe working with the Adobe Creative Suite may be fun, but I’m sorta blinding myself with illusion that it will lead to a fulfilling, well paying job. However, I will do my best to do work that I love, defy the odds and also protect my eyes.

Dreamed I Was Ignored When I Tried To Buy A Chicken Sandwich

I was at an airport cafe and I was the only customer there. I kept politely trying to start the conversation and order a chicken sandwich from the cashier behind the counter, but they ignored me and spoke in another language to each other. Then, more customers lined up behind me and they took their orders before mine. I felt really frustrated and tried to point out that I was here first, but they kept on ignoring me. I got angry and yelled at the cashier. “I want a f–n’ chicken sandwich now!” I explained to the female cashier that I was here first before all of these people she already served. And asked why did she serve them before me. She told me excuse me sir, watch your language. She said she served other people before me because they just came off of a long flight. I pretended that I did too.
Because of my attitude, she sympathized with me and said “Oh, you must be from New York.” as she finally made my chicken sandwich. I was still upset yet relieved. The dream ended. I felt basically that this dream was about feeling ignored in the shuffle of this overcrowded modern life, where we are too competitive, and literally “starving for attention,”like we all are sometimes on these blogs. I hate yelling and swearing but sometimes you have to yell and swear to get the “chicken sandwich” or whatever else you need in life. Sometimes, the yelling gets you in trouble. Best to decide if it’s worth it first.

Kayaking In La Jolla Cove




Beanbag “Frog” Catapult Video In Calavaras County

Dreamed Last Night About A Luxury Hotel Aquarium Contest

Last night I dreamed that I was in a contest at a restaurant to win airfare, a luxury hotel and a fish tank if I could answer a few questions correctly. One of the questions was what do they call one of those sponges you wash your body with? I of course said, a loofa sponge. Then there was another question about what fun places there are in San Diego? So I said Sea World and Old Town etc. Then,I heard our exchange student open the front door which woke me up.

Avatar Pink Elephant

Avatar Pink Elephant

Cooling Off On A Hot Summer Day

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