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I’m Not Very Religious But…

Sushi Kit From Last Night’s Dream


Dreamed That I Owned A Sushi Restaurant

and I had to tell one customer not to smoke in the restaurant. He got very angry with me and said was part of a crime family like the Japanese Yakuza. He had a knife and threatened to attack me. Then, the dream ended. Currently,I have a guest boarder renting a spare room here now who is kind, but he looks strong and smokes. So I guess mysubconsciously feel threatened that he could turn on me.

Just Achieved My 1st Interactive Media Certificate

For Adobe Photoshop,InDesign and Illustrator.  It was alot fun. and alot of work.  I am now working in AfterEffects, for the Interactive Media module of my certificate program. I started out as a writer and still think that I am most creative in that aspect, rather than just rearranging and collecting images, I create them purely from my mind, in abstract and concrete limitless forms.  However, I do enjoy using these new skills I’ve recently acquired, so do you know anybody who could hire me for any or all at the above?  Many thanks to you if you do!  I just may even give a million dollar bill!

Art @ The Beach In My Rear View Mirror


Is this a cool perspective or what?

“All Artists Should Pool Their Resources”

My Million Dollar Bill

My Million Dollar Bill. It’s not real of course, but it all the money I have right now. If you like this blog, feel free to donate to Youtopiamedia.com through PayPal. It’s urgently needed! Our email address is youtopiamedia@gmail.com. Thanks!

Go Jump In The Lake!


Beautiful Free Lake Miramar, San Diego, CA


Pictures of People Taking Pictures

Pictures of People Taking Pictures

Don’t you just love pictures of people taking pictures? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

A Funny “Sunny” June Gloom Day

A Funny “Sunny” Grey June Gloom Day Courtesy of Photoshop

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