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Dreamed I Was Picked To Pitch A Movie Idea To Spielberg and Sail to France

I dreamed I went to an office to pitch a movie and I was second in line. So another guy was ahead of me. He pitched his movie idea and then they called on me to pitch to Spielberg but I wasn’t really ready so I told them I would be ready tomorrow so they let me come back tomorrow, in 24 hours.

Then I dreamed that I was in a meetup group for people who liked to sail. Some of them were from Orange County or Cerritos. I was a little scared to go cause it was a long trip and I might get seasick. There was a test and only a few people could pass the test and go. I took the test, which involved typing with blocks, and sometimes typing in German or French. I didn’t think I did that well, but when the time came to who was to be on the trip, they announced my name Jordan Schaffner and I was picked to be first mate or third on the old sailing ship. I felt very elated. Many of my fears of going faded away. I felt great when I woke up because of both of those fun dreams that tested me.

Clipper Ship Sailing To France In My Dream

Dreamed That Andy Samberg Invited Me To His Party

It was going to be a fun, fancy part, bachelor party like I saw on Mad Men last night, and he sent me an embossed invitation. I felt like I could go to it but should I?

Dreamed That I Was Working On The Set, Handing Out Surface Pro Computers To Everyone

At first, I was in a library and some woman with long black hair was supervising me. Then she told me go downstairs and hand out envelopes to employees who won Surface Pro computers. I was handing out the envelopes and the computers to people when one Asian guy didn’t want one so I decided to take it for myself. I felt a little funny because I didn’t really win one. But I felt I deserved it because my old one is broken at home. So I got it and felt thrilled about having a new one when I woke up.

Dreamed I Drove To Freedom, CA

I was only supposed to go to Pacific Beach but somehow I ended up in Freedom, CA near Santa Cruz, CA. I needed  to charge up my car so I looked around and didn’t know where the chargers were so  I thought I accidentally passed a sign with one. I went back to it and it said change instead of charger. Carol thought I could just plug into the wall anywhere  and told me to keep on going but I couldn’t.  I could only do that if people let me. Then I woke up.

I had another dream  that Orangena the cat was in a plastic bag and she was resting in there until I saw a bug that I thought she might eat. I put the bug near her, and sure enough, she came out of the bag to eat the bug, which was a small white looking spider or scorpion. Then, I saw inside her mouth an ancient cave dating back to big cats she was related to, like lions and tigers. Then there was an audience clapping, like from the Colbert show or another show and I woke up again to start my day, pondering about this dream.

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The Open Mouth of Feline History In My Dream.

Dreamed About 3 Women’s Bathrooms In The Mall

I dreamed there were three women bathrooms and I couldn’t find the men’s room, so I went into the women’s room and asked a woman if I could use it “She smiled and said, I don’t mind. So I sat down out in the open because there were no stalls but then another woman came by and objected, made a disgusted face at me and I explained to her about the lack of men’s rooms in the mall and then I woke up, remembering that they make almost everything for women in the malls because they buy most of the stuff, even if some of guys give them the money sometimes. Shouldn’t we have more all gender restrooms everywhere?



Dreamed That My Mom Held A Hindu Jewish Party For Me

I dreamed that my Mom was holding a Hindu party for me, with gifts, but she’s not really Hindu, she’s Jewish. Someone I know is Hindu though, and Jewish. She calls herself a Hinjew, many times.

I dreamed that my Mom was holding a Hindu party for me, with gifts, but she’s not really Hindu, she’s Jewish. Someone I know is Hindu though, and Jewish. She calls herself a Hinjew, many times. This dream probably happened because I was looking at some Hindu art in an email. I’ve seen on Vice News that Hindus persecute Muslims in India and Muslims fight Jews. It’s all one big stew! Photo by Khirod Behera on Pexels.com

Photo by Khirod Behera on Pexels.com

Dreamed That I Was On My Way To A Business Meeting

I started out feeling ready to go, driving along in my car. Then all of a sudden, the GPS signal is lost, and I don’t know where to go anymore. Was the meeting in San Diego or LA? I can’t tell anymore, so feeling desperate and anxious, I stop at this nice brown old house, to sort out all of my papers and files I have, so I can figure it out. After a while, I found out I was in Finland, and I was sharing the house with some Finnish people who kinda made fun of me, while I took as much time as I wanted with a multi-headed hand dryer blowing on my hands in the bathroom. Then I woke up to pee.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Dreamed That I Was In Hollywood, Coronado

I dreamed I was at the beach in Coronado and this guy came out of his condo on the balcony with a mustache who wanted to help me get my script pitches written and well known. He said he had connections and all I had to do was write it out. I wrote one on a styrofoam cup and waited for him. He found me again and he really wanted me to write another one so I wrote another one. I didn’t see him around after awhile.

Hollywood in Coronado
Hollywood In Coranado Dream

Robot Dreams

Dreamed that I went on a vacation with a beautiful slim blonde, like the one on SNL, and I lost all my cards in my wallet when I tried to check into a hotel with her. And the actor, Paul Rudd was there. He had a robot toy, but the girl wasn’t impressed so she let me hold her and touch her legs, even though I messed up by losing my cards from my wallet. She didn’t like the robots and liked me better. She thought the robot and Paul were creepy. I thought the robot was cool but I wanted her so I focused on her instead.

Dreamed that there were two robots chasing me, ready to fire their lasers at me, but somehow, I magically got them to fight each other instead.

Creepy Robot That Was With Paul Rudd
Creepy Paul Rudd Robot That A Beautiful Blonde Didn’t Like.


Dreamed About Throwing A Party

Dreamed that I was planning a party but it was only the weekend before it was supposed to happen so I didn’t plan enough time for guests to respond. I was trying on different clothes while I was thinking about this. Then I woke up.

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