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Commenting About YOUR YOUtopiamedia Comments

Lately, I’ve been a little overwhelmed by comments on this site. It’s a luxury problem every blogger should only be so lucky to have, so I definitely appreciate most of the positive comments from you. Most of you have encouraged me to keep creating and that feels really good. I just would like to make a few suggestions to my commenting visitors.

Please try your best to write clear and maybe even colorful, concise sentences. I guess as a BA Creative Writing graduate I might be expecting too much in this cyber age where everyone and anyone can publish. I’d like to be lazy about proper English sometimes myself, but the ghost of English teachers past always come back to haunt me. So please, do your best to use proper English and spelling, even if they seem like lost arts. I don’t expect perfection, but I would really appreciate if you would try your best to create readable sentences, even if you need to Google how to do it.

Also, I understand that some of you are having technical issues with our site that I wasn’t aware of. I thank you for making me aware of them. However, I have tested my content in all 3 of the major browsers, Chrome,IE, and Firefox. They seem to work fine for me. I don’t have Apple devices so I haven’t tested in Safari or on a Linux device yet.
However, I have tested this blog on a PC in XP, Windows 7, on an Android LG Optimus phone and a BlackBerry Playbook. These are the devices I already have and I can’t afford any more. Sorry. Those with Apple or Linux systems I can’t test those but the other mobile systems mentioned above have been tested so if they don’t work on your end, I don’t know what to say. Just please don’t complain about them again if you already did. Your message got through. I don’t mean tot be mean but as a matter of fact, no duplicate comments will be published by the same commentator, unless I screw up. Also, those who comment purely as a platform for advertising their products and services, will not get through the spam filter. It’s OKay if you have a website on your Gravitar that’s unrelated to the article, but your comment itself must relate to the article or it won’t be published unless it’s purely surreal and highly entertaining.

I also am open to having my blog translated into any language for free if you want to do that. And you may use content with permission if you tell me what it will be used for 1st. As long as you’re not a major media company that plans to make money off of it without giving me any. If you haven’t seen your legit comment yet, please be patient. I got 600 comments recently and I still have to survive in the meantime on a shoestring and I’m looking for more work. So I’m getting to them as fast as I can. If you want to donate to YOUtopiamedia on our indiegogo.com site, just click the indiegogo link on the home page or order a copy of “Naked Skydiving.” That will speed up a reply. Anyway, that seems to be about it. Happy reading and commenting everyone!

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