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Archive for January, 2015

Bassett Hound With Cow Markings


I saw a dog like this at San Diego’s Ocean Beach. It said to me:

“I don’t know whether the Bark or Moo!”

Watch “Usher RB @ the Edwards El Cajon Cinema” on YouTube

He plays great post Xmas beat box jazz as he takes your movie tickets.

Watch “Scottish Bagpiper Playing At the Tilted Kilt” on YouTube

This bagpiper was playing outside the Mission Valley Tilted Kilt for a bachelor party. If you like the squealing sound of bagpipes, enjoy!

My Desk @ SolarCity


Notice the two monitors: One is for when  designing virtual solar systems with Google Sketchup on maps and crafting proposals, the other is for contacting clients.

Leopard Fire


I took this picture of a friend, doubled it, set it on fire using the free version of Instafusion for Android, from the Play Store.

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