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Tired of the limits of quarantine at your home? Try Virtual Reality!

With a VR 360 view, you can go on YouTube and feel like you’re really there! You can stand up, get some exercise, and look all around you for a 360 degree video view! All you need to do is get a cheap VR headset like my Cinoculars, which I got in Walgreens for $20.00. Then, go on Youtube on your cellphone, type in the number 360, find a video you want to watch, like skydiving, rollercoaster, dinosaurs, psychedelic Pink Floyd, world travel,etc. Touch the cardboard headset  icon. Then you put your cellphone in the headset while the stereoscopic video starts to play, showing a picture in each eye. Make sure the phone doesn’t fall out. Look all around 360 degrees and see an amazing world you may not be able to see any other way during the quarantine! Enjoy!

Check Out This All Star Covid 19 Benefit Concert Here: Global Citizen


10 good but controversial things about the coronavirus

Staying Home: Welcome to my World!

The Pond In My Condo

Everybody, welcome to my world! I’ve been staying home almost every day because I have been looking for work, applying for jobs online, as most jobs are these days, for around 2 years and I am over 62 so it’s really tough to get hired. It got so tough that I had to file for social security early and get less money so I have less to live on than if I had full retirement.  Now, because of coronavirus, everyone stays home, all the time. I love working on artistic projects, staying home but I need money just like you do now. I look out my window and see everyone at home, with more time to do what they want but no money. Now everybody has to do almost everything online like I do when I file job applications. I was in the middle of testing for a graphic designer job online when the company canceled the position because of the coronavirus, It turned out you can’t do the job without working in an office. My book signing at Barnes and Noble was also canceled. With all the partisan bickering, who knows if and when the government will really help us survive?

  1. Less traffic cleaner air

  2. Republicans and democrats appear to be working together in an unusually cooperative matter to avert a melt down of the economy.

  3. Spend more time with loved ones

  4. If you don’t have to go to an office you can still work more comfortably at home, in your pj’s.

  5. More control over raising your Kids.

  6. Get neglected household projects done

  7. Great for Multi-tasking

  8. Work on private dream projects

9.Save money on gas and lunch

  1. Less supervision less stress than working in person no one looking over your shoulder

Getting checked at the doctor’s office for Covid 19, might have strep throat or influenza instead, since I didn’t travel recently and don’t have a fever. Results for strep throat and pneumonia are coming back any minute now.  Pretty nurse practitioner did a thorough job and made me feel cared for. Even though I don’t pay a penny.  Feel tired and so glad I got seen right away on a same day appointment!   The timing is also off for getting Covid. So I hope to God I have something that they can easily cure or it goes away on it’s own.

Now I am here possibly facing mortality but hopefully not. I must also face my boredom in this exam room. Perhaps the mold in the house is doing this to me too.

This disease could ruin everyone’s progress, including my own.  We have to rise above it with our collective creativity.

Was Covid 19 a bioweapon?

Check this out https://www.facebook.com/38146293272/posts/10159160247328273/?sfnsn=mo&d=n&vh=e

Watch “Oingo Boingo- Private Life” on YouTube

Fun Song For Those In Self Quarantine:

Private Life By Oingo Boingo.



My Corona!

I was going to write a similar song parody so I checked YouTube first and of course somebody already did it. Enjoy this from Viral Anthem https://youtu.be/uo7HB-slsm4

My favorite restaurant at Seaport Village

What a great feeling restaurant! Good food at high prices. But what a view!

@ San Diego Pier Cafe. piercafe.com

Here’s a thoughtful poet with an actual notebook possibly composing an ode to the mighty sea.

Electric Car Fantasy & Reality

These flashy electric cars are available to rent for kids and at the Bonita indoor Shopping Center.

Unfortunately, sometimes, real electric car drivers like myself are subject to abused public car chargers like the one below one in Ocean Beach, CA

This is unacceptable! What am I supposed to do when I drive up to this? I’ve called the charging company, OPConnect and after many months, it’s still broken. We need massive education for the public about the benefits of electric cars & better security in order to make electric car charging more attractive. The car charging companies must also take better care of their chargers! Do thqey even care about making a profit? If we are to reduce climate change, we need to convert to electric cars ASAP, especially if they are powered by solar electricity. This vandalism or neglect rarely happens at a gas station.



Right after I wrote this blog, the charging company, OPConnect came out and fixed these chargers! Coincidence or the power of the internet? You decide. Now all OPConnect has to do is lower their outrageous prices. They charge a $35.00 upfront deposit and subtract the amount you charged right away.You supposedly get the rest back in a few days.

I realize gas stations charge an even higher deposit but EVgo doesn’t charge deposits and you get a faster full charge, So  what’s up with that? Maybe they’ll change that too.

New Year’s Eve Dinner Atop The Old Town Tequila Factory.

Ready To Eat?

Here’s Some Delicious Views!

Barrios Logan Art Night Mermaids

Sea Creatures

These mermaids and mermen were actually from Ocean Beach, closer to where I live.

More Mermaid Paintings In the Bodega Gallery, Barrio Logan, San Diego,CA


Pirate, Mermaids & Merman

A True Veteran’s Day Hero, Down To His Bones.

Truly Alternative Energy. My electric car is a Leaf. This is an electric feather.


I also saw this adaptation of Salvador Dali’s “Persistence of Memory” in the local record shop. The owner said his friend painted it for him. Instead of melting clocks, the painting shows melted records.

The record company speaks for itself.


This art gallery features meat butterflies.

Zebra chicken?


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