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Dreamed I Won The New Zealand Film Fest

NewZealI dreamed about this film I made about a seal or a manatee in my apartment.  It was floppIng around and I made a video of it.   It won a film contest in Iceland or New Zealand.  So I had to go there to show my new film. Then, I was in a car, a station wagon, with a bunch of equipment going up a very steep hill  to the festival.   I got there and was welcomed by everybody.  They joked that  it was a nerd festival.

They welcomed me to take a walk in the park and see the seals out of the wild, since I had made that video of the one in my apartment.  We took a walk and the coastline was beautiful.  We saw some seals and that was nice.  We went looking for a good restaurant, stopped at some booth that look comfortable in the restaurant. Then the dream ended.

What this dream shows me about my career is that I may have to do something really unusual, even though I’d never really keep a pet seal in my apartment, just to get the creative world’s attention, and go to the ends of the earth, like New Zealand or Iceland and it will be an uphill climb, but I will finally gain creative acceptance that nourishes my soul, symbolize by the restaurant.

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