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Have A Solar Passover!



Watch “Scottish Bagpiper Playing At the Tilted Kilt” on YouTube

This bagpiper was playing outside the Mission Valley Tilted Kilt for a bachelor party. If you like the squealing sound of bagpipes, enjoy!

Santa Clones


Since I’m Jewish, when I was a child, my parents told me Santa was fake.  I went to school and told all the other kids he was fake too! Boy was I on the naughty list after that! I had to go to the principal’s office and he met with my parents.  The principal told me that even if he wasn’t real, it’s not nice to tell the other kids.  I cried and apologized, but now I can’t help telling the truth and these pictures  of multiple Santas in an Ocean Beach bar prove it.





Peter Pan In San Diego


I spotted these two near the Star of India in San Diego. What is Tinkerbell doing in the same place as Jack Sparrow? Whatever happened to Captain Hook? And where’s Peter Pan when you need her/him?


Fake Greek Art @ Appolinia’s In La Jolla, UTC


I went out to a fantastic Greek restaurant last
night.  Appollonia’s is not your average “Coke Coke, Pepsi Pepsi, cheeseburger cheeseburger” falafel place. For those of you who don’t know, that’s a mid-century Saturday Night Live reference. The food is fantastic and the classic art copies here are amazing.  Above, you’ll see the goddess Venus as the statue in the middle.

Here’s a sculpture of “Winged Victory” on the way to the bathroom.


Here’s three lovely ladies. Are these the three fates?


Here’s a few textured frescos inside the warm, relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant.


So this is what you see while you wait for your falafel, shishkabob or other Aegan  meal which is reasonably priced, along with the rest of their menu.


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