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Archive for November, 2021

Dreamed About Hawaiian Coffee & A Theater

I was falling asleep last night and I thought about being in a nice cafe that serves Hawaiian coffee. Then I dreamed I was sitting in a live theater, in the audience, when an auction, at first by a pretty woman, to save the theater was going on stage. Then a man asked everyone for a donation of $70,000 to save the theater. No one donated it, but they said that’s Okay. And then they wanted to start the play, then I woke up.

Similar Theater In My Dream

Dreamed About Finding A Spider Web.

I picked it up between two fingers cause I wanted to kill the spider, but then I saw that the spider was killing other bugs like flies and mosquitoes so I let go and moved on from there. This dream could be interpreted as wanting to kill my creativity. Because spider’s can represent creativity. But then I decided not to because they eliminate other bugs or problems in my life.

Dreamed That I Couldn’t Park My Electric Car In the Right Place.

And I thought I would get a ticket but when I got back, everyone was helping me get it going again cause it was too crowded in the lot earlier and it stopped outside, but they helped me give it some super energy and it was charging up. I felt good about that!

My Electric Car

Dreamed That I Invented A Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine I Invented In My Dream

Day of the Dead 2021

Day of the Dead 2021 had many alters that were memorials to Hispanic relatives who died during Covid 19.

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