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Archive for September, 2012

Walking The Plank!


Lake Miramar, San Diego,CA

Memories take us back – dreams take us forward

Memories take us back – dreams take us forward.

Woman Riding A Polar Bear On a Gremlin

Saw this at the Exodus art fair on Adams Avenue here in San Diego. Many great artworks were hanging on the wall near the bar. I’m not sure who created it, but it definitely sticks out in my mind.

Only $2.50 For 250 Minutes On A Lifeline Cellphone!

Are you texting and emailing more than talking, but still need a phone sometimes? There’s a new development in lifeline phones. You can even get a cellphone now and pay only $2.50 for 250 minutes. You can pay $5.00 for 500 minutes. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it really is true! How do I know? Cause I have one now. The phone may not be the latest model, but it works. Think how much money the cellphone companies have been ripping us off for all this time! However, you do need to qualify for this Obama government program. If you’re in California, just go to http://www.reachoutwireless.com to find out the details. They have newer smartphones too if your willing to buy them at the usual prices. The minute plans even include texting too!

Dinozilla Attacks The Golden Gate Bridge!

David Wearing A Voice Activated T Shirt Before Going To The Movies


The bars on this t shirt move when he talks. I interviewed this guy in front of a theater that is playing the 2016 anti -Obama movie. This AMC theater is rumored to be owned by Romney’s Bain Capital. I wasn’t there for that movie, since I went to see the hilarious Will Ferrell movie, “the Campaign” instead.

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