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ArtsySmart Watchbands For New Samsung Smartwatch Now available!

Wearable technology is here! Samsung just released it’s smartwatch in Berlin today and other major tech companies like Apple and Google will release theirs too.
The reaction from the public has been that these devices are ugly and not aesthetically pleasing. However, this is why Tenesee’s ArtsySmart original Watchbands were invented. To turn the new Smartwatchband into wearable original works of Art.
Each ArtsySmart Watchband is made from an actual painting by San Diego artist, Tenesee. If you don’t see one you like, we will customize one just for you to match your favorite colors and shapes. We’ll also attach the smartwatch of your choice to it at no extra charge. Get your patented ArtsySmart Watchband today for only $30.00 by emailing us at youtopiamedia@gmail.com

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