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Dreamed Of Florida

First,  I was outside the office of my old  job, trying to get hired again, but Larry,my ex boss wouldn’t pay attention to me this time so I brought a copy of my book to sell and an old female friend of mine hugged me and bought it for an impression in wax.  I said I guess that’s Okay and sold it to her.  The next thing I know, I am in Orlando, Florida and there are all of these aquamarine aquatic tourist scenes.  Beautiful blue water and mall shops all around.  I walk around and then I meet this S & M male and female couple who are hanging from the rafters of their house and torturing each other.  I see that and know what it means.  Since I feel tortured in my social life sometimes.  Then I move on and see this Beatles tribute band perform.  Either that or they are part of a wax museum.  I get in a car, driving around, feeling lost and I notice Carol sitting on a bus bench.  I don’t want her to see me in this old Corvair car cause she’ll think I stole it.  I feel embarrassed
and so I wake up.

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