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Museum of the Living Artist

A few choice photos from the children’s section of the Museum of the Living Artist. This kid in a cup is just too cute!


Here’s one of the cleaverest things made by  kids I’ve ever seen: A hat with Legos on it.  Wear it proudly!


Here’s an interesting mask one of the kids
made out of an egg carton.



This wasn’t at the museum but I still think it’s quite precious. It was a costume for a baby I saw at a Halloween shop.


Parrot Rescue In Balboa Park

Walking in Balboa Park, here in San Diego, I always see beautiful parrots that have been rescued by the San Diego Parrot Education Society. Some of these birds have been smuggled in from South America and then neglected and found by the Parrot Education Society. It’s the best part of my walk in the park when I see these recovering birds.

SRF & Cardiff Kook, + self portrait 006

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