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I Dreamed About My Career Change

Dreamed about showing a house and this guy pushing a wheelchair walks in who wants to look at the house.  The wheelchair has a box on it.  At first, I assume the boxed wheelchair has a person in it.  But then I pull the cloth cover off the box, and there’s a fish swimming around in it.  I notice the guy pushing the wheelchair has a fishing pole and the fish is hooked onto his line while it swims.  A thin young woman with brunette hair is yelling at me.  We cuss each other out.  I guess she’s mad cause I looked in the fishbox.  Then she directs me to this 3D animated red gold Oriental Buddhist or Hindu painting.  It moves a little and shows it’s 3D dimensions  as the dream fades out. This is about real estate being a disabled opportunity lately, as fish often represent opportunity in eastern cultures, and the fish is in the wheelchair. The angry woman, directs my attention to the mystical animated rich 3D moving painting as 3D computer animation is part of the new career I have chosen in web development, since I wrote a 3D movie. Red gold or copper is also considered a good investment these days. SO this dream shows me I have now made a better career choice. Hey, what did you dream about last night? Call 858-405-5306 to find out what your dream means.  $2.99 a min. $1.00 discount for mentioning you saw it on this website. Visa/MC accepted.  Brought to you by the author of “Naked Skydiving.”

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