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“Naked Skydiving” Now Available @ Verbatim Books!

Get a signed copy of my autobiographical novel, “Naked Skydiving,” based on the true story of the personal life of a dream interpreter, travelling through the west coast before 9-11, now available in the San Diego local author section at Verbatim Books, 3793 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104.

Verbatim is a great, open minded space to get zines, modern fiction and classics, in a cool, artistic area of San Diego without that Barnes and Noble Big Box corporate mall feeling. They even have a poetry night once a month. So you can read your work there too!

However, if you’re looking for a bookstore with Wi-Fi, as the cashier, Nick, who’s a great guy, agreed with me, they want you to read books here, like you did in your old college bookstore. Not be on the internet. Maybe even heaven forbid, buy a few. Authors can sell there books on consignment too and get 60%. Just ask their cool staff members. Not many chairs here to sit down, but it’s a great literary hangout!

Naked Skydiving Now Available @ Mira Mesa Barnes and Noble

After talking to Cameron, the head cashier at Barnes & Noble, he agreed to carry a few copies of my autobiographical novel, “Naked Skydiving,” the story of a dream interpreter, traveling throughout west coast before 9-11.

There might also be an open reading at this Barnes & Noble near the 15 freeway on Mira Mesa Blvd this Wednesday night and I’ll read a little from the book and maybe some new work. You can read your own work too! Check back to this blog for details, all thanks to Cameron and the new management at Barnes & Noble. “Naked Skydiving” is available in the fiction section under the S’s for Schaffner, my last name. If I see you in the store, I’ll autograph your copy! Next, I’ll be working to get the book in every Barnes & Noble


Day Of The Dead In a Real Cemetery!

Today November 1st, is the Mexican Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos. It’s a holiday  with a Halloweenish  flavor. Last week, I was invited by a friend who eats fire and walk on stilts for a living named J7 to go to a Day of the Dead ceremony in a real San Diego cemetery, La Vista Memorial Park in National City on her Facebook page.  It was amazing!


J7 on the right and her friend

Here I am below with face paint on for the event as the clown of death. The face painter liked my autobiographical novel, “Naked Skydiving” so much, she traded me her work for a signed copy of my book. The face painting cost less than my books so she gave me $5 on top of that!




The event had a carnival like atmosphere in the cemetery. There was a main stage


where many people were in costumes wearing day of the Dead skeleton face paintings.


The one in the middle represents the artist, Frida Kahlo.  Day of the Dead celebrates the passing of relatives in a fun party atmosphere. Food and drinks for the living were also available for purchase right in the cemetery.  Altars were created of the person’s favorite foods and drinks


and personal items. Here are some altars that are homages to dead relatives:




This is how we celebrate Day of the Dead, San Diego Style!





This couple is dressed in traditional Aztec costume and is representative of the San Diego State University sports mascot, the Aztecs.  If you attend this event at a cemetery next year, make sure to tip toe around the graves!


Dreamed I Got Invited To Jon Stewart’s Daily Show

Last night, I dreamed I got invited to Jon Stewart’s Daily Show!  I didn’t know exactly why I was invited, whether it was to be in the audience or be a guest, or because I won a contest.  I got on a plane, walked through, and for some reason, I was told the show was being taped in Colorado.  So that’s where I flew.  I got off the plane, went through a tin can like cavern and didn’t know where to find the show.  Then I figured since it was in Colorado, maybe it was in a mountain.  I started to feel lost, and then there was some writing scrawled on the rocks with an arrow pointing to the Daily Show.  I followed it a short way and entered the mountain studio.  It was the usual familiar set, and I felt like I knew some of the stars and other people were there from San Diego, including a local actor I know on Facebook, named Butch Dye or was it that famous guy he reminds me of ?  Anyway,  I woke up after this dream feeling victorious and excited.  Maybe Stewart read one of my articles in eastcountymagazine.org about abused kids or other news or my novel, “Naked Skydiving,” and this was finally  my chance to be famous or recognized for my work as a writer.  It felt great!

Dreamed That I Became A Copyright Lawyer

I was in this aquarium store looking at the fish and for some reason, there were also bunny rabbits there.  A guy came up to me and said he wanted me to obtain the rights to the Kellogg’s rooster song.  I told my Hispanic associate to negotiate his fee and the guy who wanted the Kellogg’s song thought it was too expensive.  My Hispanic associate then went to another client  and then the dream ended.

The only explanation for this dream that I can think of is that at UCLA, in real life for my graduate work, I was an assistant to an entertainment lawyer and thought of that as a possible  profession for myself at the time, but it seemed to shut down my creativity.  Every fictional person or idea I came up with had to be researched to prevent a potential lawsuit so it was inhibiting.

I also saw a lawyer on the Colbert Report last night, which I watch often since I’m a big fan of his show and the Daily Show.  So that might have triggered this dream.  Also, since I live on a river, a crazy screaming bird and a bullfrog have been keeping me awake at night, so that might be seen as the rooster song and my unconscious has probably woven all of these elements together, so this could be the unusual aquarium  in the dream. I am also considering learning Spanish this year, hence the Hispanic assistant.

Dreamed That I Had An Interview With Parks and Recreation

Dreamed About Working For Parks And Recreation

I was getting all prepared for it, since I had to study the river and other natural phenomenon in order to qualify for it. A man wished me good luck and I kept looking at the papers they mailed me and I was all dressed upfor the interview. I couldn’t find the time when the interview was supposed to be. I kept asking myself over and over again, when is the interview? I looked over the all the papers they sent me. I felt frustrated and kept asking myself when is the interview? My heart was racing and pounding, asking myself till I woke up. I remembered that I had watched the show “Parks and Recreation” on Hulu before going to bed and maybe this partly caused the dream. Plus, I have recently been interviewed by government agencies for a few videography positions, and at first, they don’t even tell you when the interview is. They wait to send you a second letter and then tell you when the interview is. It involved travel and I only had about 10 days to prepare. It was nerve racking and this dream reproduces and intensifies that anxiety. Almost felt like a heart attack.

A BoatCar

was in last night’s dream. I owned it and it went on the land and the ocean so I drove down to Coronado to launch it and cut my finger.  To me, this dream means that innovators like myself can get hurt, and need to protect themselves. What did you dream last night?

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