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Indian Restaurant Dream

Last night, I dreamed that I was an innovator and inventor of many famous things and I went to this Indian restaurant where they flattered and admired me so much,that they named a special drink after me. I looked for my name on the menu for the coffee drink,and there it was. While that’s nice and flattering, I wondered if they would pay me for it so I could keep innovating and inventing. Then, the dream ended.
I intuit what this dream was all about is the suspicious feeling I get when I volunteer my creative time, including what I put into on this website, even though it is a labor of love,will I ever feel fairly compensated or just be ripped off? I need to retain that feeling, be the person in charge when I am negotiating on creative projects, by only showing small samples of my work, so they want and pay for more. What do you think?

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