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Dreamed That I Had An Interview With Parks and Recreation

Dreamed About Working For Parks And Recreation

I was getting all prepared for it, since I had to study the river and other natural phenomenon in order to qualify for it. A man wished me good luck and I kept looking at the papers they mailed me and I was all dressed upfor the interview. I couldn’t find the time when the interview was supposed to be. I kept asking myself over and over again, when is the interview? I looked over the all the papers they sent me. I felt frustrated and kept asking myself when is the interview? My heart was racing and pounding, asking myself till I woke up. I remembered that I had watched the show “Parks and Recreation” on Hulu before going to bed and maybe this partly caused the dream. Plus, I have recently been interviewed by government agencies for a few videography positions, and at first, they don’t even tell you when the interview is. They wait to send you a second letter and then tell you when the interview is. It involved travel and I only had about 10 days to prepare. It was nerve racking and this dream reproduces and intensifies that anxiety. Almost felt like a heart attack.

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