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Day of the Dead. Old Town 2016

As I understand it, the Mexican Day of the  Dead, is a holiday that lets people visit with their deceased relatives and it has a sense of humor about it. People bring their dead relatives their favorite food & drink. They are depicted doing many fun things like enjoying music and weddings. Because of it’s proximity to Mexico, Old Town San Diego celebrates the Day of the Dead every year in many of its’ shops & public squares.

The Wagonmaster of Death

Frida Kahlo’s Skeleton Paints A Self Portrait

Colorful, Even in Death

Two Skeleton Senioritas Near the Coyote Cafe


The Blessing Of The Animals, Old Town, San Diego, CA

barn owlThis rescued barn owl was featured at the Old Town San Diego blessing of the animals ceremony. It is a yearly celebration that includes both wild and domestic rescued animals.

Beanbag “Frog” Catapult Video In Calavaras County

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