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Sloane’s Ice Cream Parlor Novelties         

At the San Diego UTC Mall, there’s an ice cream store called Sloane’s Ice Cream Parlor.  They have the most interesting novelties. They include comical solutions to life’s most complex problems including how to understand your mother, enjoy exercising, talk to your cat, etc.

And then there are the socks.” I love my job ha ha, just kidding”, “I hate everyone,” and others.There’s fake dog poop that’s a spare key hiding spot, the crazy cat lady action figure, which comes with 6 plastic cats,

Of course,there’s also that good old fashioned random bag of crap.  As crazy as these things are, I imagine they come with a pretty high price tag. After all, the La Jolla UTC is not cheap. Sloane’s ice cream is very high quality, and so are these laughs, so if you’re looking for unique gag gifts, this is the place to go.

Fake Greek Art @ Appolinia’s In La Jolla, UTC


I went out to a fantastic Greek restaurant last
night.  Appollonia’s is not your average “Coke Coke, Pepsi Pepsi, cheeseburger cheeseburger” falafel place. For those of you who don’t know, that’s a mid-century Saturday Night Live reference. The food is fantastic and the classic art copies here are amazing.  Above, you’ll see the goddess Venus as the statue in the middle.

Here’s a sculpture of “Winged Victory” on the way to the bathroom.


Here’s three lovely ladies. Are these the three fates?


Here’s a few textured frescos inside the warm, relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant.


So this is what you see while you wait for your falafel, shishkabob or other Aegan  meal which is reasonably priced, along with the rest of their menu.


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