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Moving Dream

Dreamed that I went to look at another place to live with Carol that was in North Park or Normal Heights here in San Diego.  It was a funky one bedroom for rent as part of a household.  This friendly skinny woman invited us in to look at it.  She asked for my business card.  She tries out the phone number on it and tells me it’s the wrong phone number.  I feel puzzled and check out the rest of the house.  In one room, there is this guy with long hair in a pony tail who says he is practicing the dark arts.  He’s got a bunch of books and he’s on his desktop computer and says he is a master of the dark arts.  It just gave me an incredibly intense shiver to write this about this now.  Then the lady showing the house insists that I give her my correct phone number on a card.  I search my pockets, finallytaking out my new card and she still isn’t satisfied.  What this dream was about was my impending move that will eventually come up when we have to move out of here to avoid foreclosure by renting it out.  The dream is readying me to check out other living spaces, even if they don’t quite fit me.  I also need to match this website to my business card so it looks better than my old one which is figurativly the wrong “number” since this wordpress site makes a better impression now. The dark arts are more like astronomy or some science in the dream.  It is not necessarily about the occult, the pony tailed man implies, but their is a dark amoral side to science and technology so the two could be related.  Have a dream you want to understand better? Call 858-405-5306.  Visa and mastercard now being accepted!

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