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As Stephen Colbert, I was checking out a condo to squat in, when I ran into a Cameron Diaz type woman who was considering renting it.  I was looking at a mirrored door that she opened and she saw me and screamed a little  because she was surprised. We called it a bird door cause it reminded me of the mirror in a birdcage. I told her I might want to rent it too, just so she wouldn’t be suspicious and report me. I watch Stephen alot so it’s only natural to be him in a dream.  Here, “he” is in a “birdcage condo”,  living where he doesn’t belong,when Cameron Diaz appears and he has to pretend that he’s just looking for a place to rent too. Felt nervous and secretive when Cameron appeared behind the mirrored “bird door.  What did you dream last night?

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