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Like many people, I have a storage unit that I visit once in awhile cause all the stuff won’t fit in my condo.  I visited it recently and found that most of that stuff I am physically storing could exist digitally instead.  I have some great old books that could just be ebooks, manuscripts that I wrote could be scanned into computer, music that can all be listened to on Slacker,Pandora, or SoundCloud, and some videos that are probably available on my TV, except for the ones that I have produced myself that are one of a kind.  I fantasize about getting rid of all of this media as it exists, putting it on my computer, emptying out the storage bin and saving myself $53.00 a month storage fees.

But what if another blackout happens like it did a few months ago? Or if  something happens to my computer?  Then, I lost. I don’t really understand how to work with backups.   I’m also lazy about not wanting to take the time to do tedious scanning of long documents I have like screenplays, my novel and other creative works.  Seems like scanning is a waste of time.  Or is it better just to have everything digitally?  What do you think?  Is the cloud secure enough so that I won’t miss my stuff and it can only exist virtually?  What should I do?

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