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He was foolish and being duped by this researcher with a laptop who was with him before me. I volunteered to do the work for him for free, cause he was my brother.  But the researcher, who questioned my educational background, even though I told him I have a BA and have had some graduate courses said he will do the work for $2,000, something my brother didn’t have and my imaginary brother had bad credit, but the researcher still wanted the job and my brother still said he would pay the researcher. So, I didn’t know what to do and the dream ended.  I felt frustrated.  The only corelation between this dream and reality is what my real sister is doing by paying part of my parents health insurance for them.  Cause my mom was mad that she had to pay $2,000 for a serious operation she needed to save her life recently.  So she wants to switch insurance
companies and my sister is helping her, since it’s unaffordable for me.  I wish I could afford to help them myself.

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