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Started using a new social media tool called hootsuite which inspired my ltest dream. As a matter of fact, I am using it right now. It sends a message to all your social networks so you don’t have to. As you may imagine, the logo for hootsuite is an owl. A hoot owl to be more accurate. My latest dream was about walking by a street in Pacific Beach, a nice college town area in San Diego. I’m walking there and I see some guy with a beard, who is probably in the band, 10CC. He is there and he has baby owls that he is raising on tree branches. They are so cute. Then, a ladyfriend and I wonder if that is a kind thing to do to the animals or not. After all, owls are wild animals. Why should they be on tree branches in his front yard? Then we walk on and the dream ends. Could this be about
hootsuite? Is this a bad thing to do to my writing? Am I the guy raising owls and gaining wisdom? What do you think? What are your dreams?

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