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Maybe I should get paid for this advatorial, but I’m not. A year ago, I was very dissatisfied with Verizon because they sold me a Blackberry Storm that crashed  every day!  They replaced it 3 times but the same thing happened every day.  Battery Pullooza! Other users of that phone told me they had the same problem. Maybe this is why Blackberry is not doing so well these days. Duh!

Then, I started getting emails for a company called Credo that informed me about Verizon and AT&T’s sponsorship of the tea party.  That was the last straw!
I saw that Credo had Android phones and supported environmental and political causes I believe in, so after previewing the phones they offer at a local Sprint store, I was sold.  Actually, Sprint is the mobile phone carrier and Credo is a sales agent for them.  This means the same policies as Sprint apply, including unlimited internet access.  This is a policy the other carriers like AT&T don’t have anymore.  Another great feature!  They also offer a credit for a few hundred dollars to end your contract early, so I called them up and switched.

They sent me an Android LG Optimus phone that was quirky and less than perfect.  After a year, the battery started to die. So I asked for a new battery. They said the would send it out in a timely manner but they call they forgot.  I then got a call from them apologizing. I pressed my advantage here, because I had been having trouble with the phone itself, apps dissappearing, videos that stop all the time, headphone jack not working, battery not charging, etc., so I asked for a new phone of the same model, since the manager already told me I couldn’t have a different one. They said they would rush one out to me. Not only that, but because they were sorry for sending the battery out so late, they said they would send me Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream coupons. I thought that was great. A few days later, I got the new battery, but there was no phone. I called them up and they told me the phone must have been stolen. Then, they promised to rush another one to me. A few days after that, the confirmation email came from UPS that the phone was on the way. The day came when the phone was scheduled to be delivered. It arrived 45 minutes late. The UPS driver just rang the bell and ran away so he didn’t have to feel guilty for being late. Most everything works on the phone now. And I got 3 Ben & Jerry’s coupons in the mail a few days later and even 2 more a few days later! So not only did I get to keep a new phone, and 2 new batteries, I got a $350 contract buyout when I switched and 5 Ben & Jerry’s coupons! Even with the misshaps, do you know another cellphone company that would do so much for you and support your ideals?

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