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Dreamed that I was hired by this farmer to be his assistant somewhere. I asked him if he needed anything and he laughed a little and told me to go and put some gas in his truck just to keep me occupied and get rid of me for the day. So I got into his truck and drove
to get gas. On the way, I noticed that the gas tank was mostly full. But I went looking for the gas station to top off the tank and got lost, ending up in Orange County. I drove into this aquarium production studio where they’re making movies about fish. I asked where the gas station is and they said I was in the wrong place. Then I saw a neon marquis over the water that said something like Sealife Productions. I guess this dream means to me that I ma ybe in a job where they really don’t need me but it may lead to something more interesting like fish filmmaking but that may not be a place to get excess luxury or extra gas. Then I started to dream in code like HTML or CSS.

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