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This is the amazing music you hardly ever hear anymore. It features a full orchestra, choral singers, lead vocals,comprehensible narration, a rock band with a gong, flamenco guitar,and the incredible Rick Wakeman on multiple keyboards at one time! Sure, the musicians may look outdated with their long hair, and chest hair coming out of their feminine looking shirts. And Rick Wakeman is dressed in some kind of funny Merlin robe. But this is when people cared about music. Not just profits. I found out that Wakeman is still playing and recording too! This music video is a full meal that’s over an hour-long! Thanks YouTube!

Pretentious? Possibly. But I’ll take Rick Wakeman’s ingenious musical version of Jules Verne’s classic “Journey To The Center of the Earth” any day over Psy’s “Gangnum style” or computer enhanced vocal imitators of Lady Gaga. However I do like Gotye quite a bit. Maybe he deserves that Grammy.

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