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Self Driving Car Dream

I dreamed that I was in my car in a small town and I stopped because I was bored and wanted to walk around the town. So I parked the car and got out. But when I did, the car drove itself away. I think it just drove itself around the corner, because there were other cars there that kind of looked like it. But I wasn’t sure it was really still there so I was frightened. The dream ended but the nightmare began when I ignored it.  I was scheduled in reality to go to a film and music meeting at this old church that night that I had never been to in San Diego. Naturally, I entered the location of the church that I found on my GPS to get directions. The GPS told me to go the street it was on, in another San Diego town than the one it was really in. It was inaccurate because it told me the church was in the wrong zip code and I had never been there before. So we drove to the same street and then later, it changed zip codes on me! I blindly drove where it told me, which is sort of like a self driving car, and the address it said was my destination was just a big mound of grass! Wisely, we decided to go to a Starbuck’s that we passed by to pick up a wifi signal and I reentered the address with the right zip code and got there in 5 minutes after being lost for an hour. True, the car didn’t steal itself away and disappear like in the dream, but it did steal an hour of my time. I should write more of my dreams down and double-check where the GPS is sending me for an odd zip code before I leave the house. It also helps to bring a map too and know where a local wifi spot is just in case. Never trust machines 100 percent!  They are still imperfect  because they are made by humans.  Always double-check them. Can you imagine what a real Google type self driving car would have done?

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