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A secret high tech accessory will be revealed to the world for the first time tonight at Tennessee and Jordan’s art exhibit, which is part of Guy Lombardo’s 57 Degrees Art Show,featuring music by Mantis and a fantastic light show by Kinetic Collage.  Tennessee’s art, though mainly abstract, colorful and playful, has now become wearable art, featuring custom designer clothes, handbags, and bracelets.  The newest addition is an innovation that will compliment the hottest gadget that will be released by major cellphone companies in the neat future, the smartwatch.  Jordan saw Tennessee painting on bracelets while he watched news reports of smartwatches soon to be available to the world from Apple, Pebble and Samsung.  All of the watchbands seemed to be so dull.  So he thought that many people  would enjoy having a more colorful smartwatchband instead.  He asked her to create a few prototypes and these are featured in tonight’s art show at 6:30pm @ the 57 Degrees Winebar,1735 Hancock Street, San Diego, CA 92101.  He noticed how there are many __TEMP__d646aae06049d572ce20abfb80b206da-1330248327_5042_IMG_20130408_150419 colorful cellphone cases at stores, but most watchbands, including smartwatchbands are not very exciting.  So why not jazz them up? Admission is free.  Art, ArtsymartWatchbands,and drinks are available for purchase.  Your “Artsy SmartWatchbands” can be used as a bracelet until the smartwatches are available at your major cellphone careers around the world.  At that time, Tennessee will attach your smartwatch at no additional cost. Jordan has also named many of the paintings including one about fracking titled, “What the Frack?” , “Would You Like Flies With Your Horsemeat?” and many others.  Come to the event, see many other artists creations and star in a YOUtopiamedia video tonight!

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