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ObamacaraWe are surrounded by a barrage of media telling us that healthcare.gov’s website doesn’t work.  Newscasters across the country even show how they can’t log on.  It’s amazing that no one has made the connection that just a few weeks ago, Republicans in the House shut the government down  and voted over 40 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act  this year, and that just maybe the powerful people who voted against it actually had the site hacked.  This is just my opinion so far, but they are rather influential and have plenty of money hire a hacker.  Most of these Tea Partiers act as pawns of the health insurance lobby, who coincidentally don’t want to end preexisting conditions because it will undoubtedly bring down their profits, no matter how many lives it may save.  These are the same corporations that are currently cancelling policies and blaming it on the president.

As an interesting sidenote, I tried to log on myself when it first opened and recently today.  Both times I was able to enter information and had no errors.  Maybe it’s just California, but everything seemed to go Okay.  I didn’t decide to complete the application yet, but I certainly went past the point these newscasters did without any problems.  Perhaps they’re bought off too I wonder.

It’s also ironic that when the Affordable Care Act was being created, alot of these Republicans didn’t want a single payer system so they forced Democrats to compromise and come up with this type of system that would provide these medical insurance companies with an incredible increase in the amount of customers, mandated by law, to keep people out of the emergency room, yet later they reject that too.  Eventually this will all lead to a single payer system, as employers

stop covering employees out of greed, and  independent contractors realize that they will be covered too.  Republicans are afraid the ACA will bankrupt us, but when you look at other single payer countries in Scandinavia, according to the Wall Street Journal, they actually have a higher standard of living than we do.  If they’re so afraid of the country going broke, why don’t they give up their Cadillac government healthcare plans and their six figure salaries for life, instead of trying to take it from people who can’t afford it, like those on food stamps?


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