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With a VR 360 view, you can go on YouTube and feel like you’re really there! You can stand up, get some exercise, and look all around you for a 360 degree video view! All you need to do is get a cheap VR headset like my Cinoculars, which I got in Walgreens for $20.00. Then, go on Youtube on your cellphone, type in the number 360, find a video you want to watch, like skydiving, rollercoaster, dinosaurs, psychedelic Pink Floyd, world travel,etc. Touch the cardboard headset  icon. Then you put your cellphone in the headset while the stereoscopic video starts to play, showing a picture in each eye. Make sure the phone doesn’t fall out. Look all around 360 degrees and see an amazing world you may not be able to see any other way during the quarantine! Enjoy!

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