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Reviewing 2011

2011  started out with me waiting to get some teeth pulled and a colon cancer exam.  Thank God it was negative and the teeth thing was just very  annoying.  They put me to sleep for both procedures and I hardly felt a thing.  Another  dental exam is pending now. Oh joy.  I pulled myself away from losing money as a real estate agent since clients were very unrealistic and decided to embark on an interactive media career.

Then there were the protests in Egypt and the Arab Spring.  Eventually, protests even spread to Israel and the United States.  In fact, Time magazine called the person of the year the protester. For me, it’s was a year of learning.  I took a lot of classes in career  development, and now I’m  an intern web editor at computerbears.net.  This, along with installing wordpress, has dramatically increased my web design skills.  I’m working in a dreamweaver type of interface, posting ads and editing email addresses  I feel more confident about my craft now and my ability to take pictures and video.  I even passed an exam with regard to this type of position.  Getting hired for that though is still in limbo.

Ironically, my mother ended up with colon cancer, but she did all the right things and at 78, is amazingly still alive and well.  However, a younger female cousin was not so lucky and passed away.  She was a year under 50 so no exam was performed in time to save her life.

Like many people this year,  economic struggles were front and center.  I live in a place where the mortgage was unaffordable, but after 3 years of persistence, the owner was finally able to obtain a loan modification so I’m able to stay.  It is still riddled with ants and mosquitoes when the weather warms up though.  Extended unemployment payments, and a government low income health program have sustained me.  Thanks mainly to Obama.  Even though I don’t like everything he does,  thank God he ended the war in Iraq.  Hope one doesn’t start in Iran now and that the economy or the earth doesn’t collapse in a cinematic disaster mirroring the  apocalypse of the movie “2012.”  Also as you may remember, a Tsunami wiped out Japan’s nuclear plant and Ben Laden was finally killed.

In lieu of an expensive vacation, I saw alot of great movies this year including “Water for Elephants,” “Bridesmaids,” “Horrible Bosses,”  and “Another Earth, ”  which is amazing because we discovered that other earth-like planets really do exist now.  There are so many great movies which I may mention at length in other posts.  As you can tell from this blog, I had a million weird dreams at night.  I tried a few great inventions like the electric car rental service called Car2Go, traded in my junky Blackberry phone for a not so satisfactory Android LG Optimus,  with a plan on Credo Mobile, decided to cut off expensive cable TV and get a Roku box for 80 bucks that plays free TV with instead. What a great deal!  Found hilarious shows on it called “Miles Barlow’s “the Review” and “Outsourced.”  Saw the cute movie “New Year’s Eve” on New Years Event and fireworks on TV around the world.  What was your 2011 like?

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