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Jordan Schaffner
1:02 PM (1 minute ago)

A close ladyfriend of mine got invited to take care of her grandkids or some other kids on the trip.  I was there with her.  It was beautiful with ferns at the volcano art center near the ocean.  But I wanted to go off on my own for the day.  I think I had a car, but I was walking near a beautiful new stainless steel elevator of the volcano art center.  I’m not sure if the elevator really exists there.  I saw a bunch of musicians getting ready to play.   Then, this local guy came up to me and wanted me to join his group.  At first, I thought it was a church singing group, so I said no thank you.  Then he said it was some kind of multilevel commission only business whereI could make alot of money instead.  I told him I can’t work on commission cause I have no cushion.  He understood, let me go and the dream ended.  Felt good to be in Hawaii again with kids.  But I didn’ t like being hustled.  I was glad I stood my ground. 

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