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I dreamed about this film I made I made about a seal or a manatee in my apartment.  It was floppIng around, so I made a video of it.   It won a contest in Iceland or New Zealand.  So I had to go there to show my new film. Then, I was in a car, a station wagon, with a bunch of equipment going up a very steep hill  to the festival.   I got there and was welcomed by everybody.  They joked and said it was a nerd festival.

They welcomed me to take a walk in the park along the coast with them NewZealand see the seals out of the wild, since I had made that video of one in my apartment.  We took a walk and the coastline was beautiful.  We saw some seals and that was nice.  We went looking for a good restaurant stopped at some booth that  looked comfortable in the restaurant.

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