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costco1[1]Dreamed last night that I went to Costco to get some kind of electronic device, a cellphone or whatever.  It was very hard to park my car because it was so crowded, but I finally found a space.  Then, I went into Costco and walked around till I found a saleswoman who was selling the devices.  She offered to let me take out and rearrange the instruction manual packaged in front of it and said there was no charge for doing that. I thanked her and I took out the instruction manual just like she told me to.  But I didn’t like it so I tried to put it back in order and give it back to her, but she said I had to buy the package now.  I pointed out to her that she just told me I could open the package without paying and now she wanted me to pay.  She insisted she never said it was free and that I must pay.  Then I asked to see the manager but the manager just said the same thing so and I didn’t think that was very professional. In the meantime, in the Costco warehouse, a couple of old friends from Santa Cruz and my friend, Andy from Valley College appeared there.  The dream ended. The point is that when one makes any kind of offer in business, verbal or written, one must stick to one’s word, and since as Jung believed we are every character in our dreams, I apply this to myself as well.

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