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Starfish Sculptris                                                                                                  3D Sculpting With Sculptis Software

Recently I attended Adobe evangelist, Stephen Burns’ free Photoshop users group last Saturday at the San Diego Art Institute.  Stephen is a friend of mine who I volunteered to help during the March 2013 Adobe Create Now Conference, and an award winning graphic artist.  Sometimes, he has other guests  that make presentations as part of his lecture.

One of his guests, from the company, thebestSD.com,specializes in the best 3D graphics and told the group about a fascinating program for creating 3D sculptures online called Sculptris.  Just Google Sculptris, and go to the website for a free download.  Then, start playing with the shapes and colors.  You can get some pretty wild designs and it’s really a lot of fun! Sculptris invites you to have fun and experiment. Being a writer before a designer, I even had fun naming my 3D sculptures intriguing names such as Green Goblin, Opal Essence, Starfish Sculpris as seen above and others.  The program starts you off with a 3D sphere which you can color and stretch any way that you like.  For some reason, when you stretch out the sphere, the shapes sometimes end up with demonic horns. I suppose you could make angelic halos and wings too if you’re skillful and the spirit moves you. In order to save your work though, you must use Photoshop so you can turn the images into a jpeg which is not so user friendly but still a lot of fun.


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